Good Morning America: Get the Secret Deals and Steals

Posted February 7th, 2012 in Deals and Coupons, Shopping by admin

Secret Deals and Steals on Good Morning America

Spotted: Secret Deals and Steals on Good Morning America

Secret Tip: The Secret Deals and Steals segment on GMA this week featured limited time only super discounts on items that mom, baby and your home will love.

Find It Here: Good Morning America

Why You’ll Love It: Exclusive deals on items like the Psi Band, which helps ease morning sickness or the Baby Dipper Bowl Set that promotes easy, one-handed feeding: nuff’ said. By following the link to GMA you will see a list of mom-invented products with promo codes and exclusive links for big savings. Be sure to read the fine print, as deals are applicable to only those items listed and for a limited time only–we are sad to say that some deals have already expired. Be sure to check it out today.

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Screenshot from Good Morning America

Baby Gifts from One Kings Lane: Editor’s Pick

Posted November 16th, 2011 in "Flash Sale" Sites, Shopping by admin

One Kings Lane

Editor’s Pick: One Kings Lane currently has a great selection of beautiful baby gifts on deep discount – check it out quickly, this sale ends Saturday, November 12th, 2011.

Find It Here: One Kings Lane

Why You’ll Love ItWe love One Kings Lane for their daily deals on great home stuff. Think of it like Gilt Group, but for your home. But what few people know is that OKL has a small but well-curated area for baby gifts. When you sign up for free you can check out their stock of super soft blankets, rattles and toys. The prices are incredible and we are constantly using this as a go-to source for our friends’ baby showers. Also, OKL has great customer service should you receive something that you don’t end up wanting.

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Screenshot from One Kings Lane

The Busy Mom Boutique: This store is made from 100% Mom-created stuff

Posted August 16th, 2011 in Shopping by admin

The Busy Mom Boutique

Shared By: Linsay from Tuscon, AZ and the eclectic The Busy Mom Boutique.

Secret Tip: We love mom-invented and mom-approved products; Busy Mom focuses on stuff created only by moms.

Find It Here: The Busy Mom Boutique

Why You’ll Love It:  Busy Mom is all about products developed by moms, with the mantra “make mom’s life easier.” Poke around there if you’re looking for neat baby shower gifts, or you’re a mom on the go looking for something that’s both practical and functional for your everyday busy life. With fall around the corner (How, by the way?) check out these genius Baby Undersocks, which control runaway socks and keep your baby’s feet and legs warm through those cold months, plus the fabric is super cozy.

What Linsay Has To Say: “After having both of my girls and always keeping an eye out for products that would help make my life easier as a mom…I realized that many of the BEST products on the market for us moms are in fact invented by moms! After all, necessity is the mother of invention, right? So I started an online boutique that offers the latest and greatest mom-invented products that were designed to make moms lives easier. Everything is mom-invented, mom-approved. :-)


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(Screenshot from The Busy Mom Boutique)

Zulily: Like A Sample Sale for Kids’ Clothes

Posted June 4th, 2011 in Clothes, Shopping by admin

Shared By: Amber S. from Bloomfield Hills, MI

Secret Tip: is a members-only website for flash sales on apparel for kids.

Find It Here: (membership is free)

Why You’ll Love It: You may have heard of Gilt Groupe or Hautelook as guilt-free ways to get deals on luxury brands, but now you’ve got a place to get deep discounts exclusively for your child, too. Membership to Zulily means an alert to a limited-time sale where discounts on clothes and gear for your little one can be up to 90% off. For example, get a $30.00 Peter Pan pop up book for $12.99 or a range of L’ovedbaby infant apparel for close to 50% off.

What Amber Has To Say: “Zulily is my favorite website for kid shopping. I would say 60% off my son’s wardrobe comes from there. They also have fun, educational toys that we’ve bought as well. Every day there are about 12 different deals and they’re always changing.”


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“Flash Sale” Sites: Why 11:59AM is Important When Shopping Flash Sale Sites

Posted May 19th, 2011 in "Flash Sale" Sites, Shopping by admin

Shared By: Amber S. from Bloomfield Hills, MI

Secret Tip: “Flash sale” sites open up their discount sales at the same time each day and schedule new sales at specific times. Quanities are usually limited, so keep that in mind so you can get in the (virtual) door first!

Find It Here: and

Why You’ll Love It: Membership is free but the early bird gets the half off pair of Gucci boots. These deal sites range from 50-90% savings on quality stuff and seriously fab brands, focusing on apparel, accessories, beauty, kids and home goods. For example, right now on Hautelook you can get the Micralite Toro stroller for $149.95 off the original price. Sign up for their newsletters and you’ll get an alert the morning of the sale so you have time to prepare…for the tiny dent you are going to make in your checking account. Most sites run their daily deals at the same time, but others schedule sales to begin at different times. Know the calendar to take advantage of the best deals.
What Amber Has To Say: “I’d like to tell you that raising a child is not inexpensive, but I’m sure you already know that. Although these sites aren’t specifically devoted to children, they have a special section that allows you to browse just for kids’ stuff. Bookmark these websites, get a feel for them and pounce when you see something you like. And, yes, okay, I do occasionally buy a few things for myself on here as well!”


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Coupon Sites: One thing every mom must do before buying online

Posted May 4th, 2011 in Deals and Coupons, Shopping by admin

Shared By: Amber S. from Bloomfield Hills, MI

Secret Tip: Before you click purchase, take 30 seconds to see if that retailer has a coupon. Use it at checkout and save, particularly this week in preparation for Mother’s Day!

Find Them Here:,, and

Why You’ll Love It: You could be throwing money away when you buy online, but 10 seconds of searching can get it all back. Secret coupon codes can save you up to 50% when shopping online. They’re just not usually found on the retailer’s website. So, bookmark these websites and before you hit the Purchase button double check. For example, you’re shopping at ProFlowers buying flowers for your mother-in-law (she’s great, really); before you buy you can see if there are any coupons at one of the above sites. Right now on ProFlowers you could save 20% on a Mother’s Day flower delivery with a coupon from Retailmenot. Tip: If you can’t find anything from one of these sites, type in the name of the retailer and the word “coupon” in Google.

What Amber Has To Say: “I always keep these sites at the ready before I buy something, whether it is clothes for my son or shoes for myself. What you may not know is that the most incredible infant/toddler merchandise goes on a severe sale at least a few times a week and this is a good way to sneak in to get a better deal. Bookmark the following websites and use them. If the brand you are looking for is not on sale this week, I usually find it will show up within the next few weeks.”

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