The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness: A Fun Book on Healthy Living

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The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness

Shared By: Jen B. from Bridgewater, MA

Secret Tip: Written and illustrated by mom Maryellen Murphy Ruggiero, this expert in wellness and healing arts created a story called The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness that teaches children tips for healthy living.

Find It Here: $9.95 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: If you’re reading Daily Peppermint, most likely your baby is just now getting an introduction to solid foods or may still be on a straight milk diet, but healthy living can never start too early. The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness is intended for educating preschoolers aged 3-7 on the essentials of health and wellness. Reviewers say the pictures are bright and fun, while the message is clear and easy to understand. Consider adding this book on living a healthy lifestyle to your child’s very own personal library.

What Jen Has To Say: “It is a tender story of a mother teaching her child the many ways to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. The simple text and humorous pictures will entertain while educating children ages 3-7 on the essentials of health and wellness. My children love this book!”

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Hallmark Recordable Storybook: Audio Time Capsules

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Hallmark Recordable Storybook

Shared By: Meghan C. from Chicago, IL

Secret Tip: Hallmark Recordable Storybooks allow a child to hear the recorded voice of Grandma reading even when she’s 3000 miles away.

Find It Here: $28.38 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: Hallmark Recordable Books combine the stories we love with a modern twist of technology. They provide the comfort of a loved one’s voice — Grandma back home in Detroit, or Dad if he’s traveling — and helps your little one’s reading skills. They last forever, too, since the recording stays in place even when the battery is changed out. There are 14 stories to choose from.

What Meghan Has To Say: “Recordable story books make a great gift for family members who live far away from a child. These books allow you to record yourself reading a favorite story to a child. My mom recorded Good Night Moon for my baby, and it’s very sweet to hear her voice reading one of my favorite childhood stories. There aren’t too many classic stories available in this recordable format, but there are a few to choose from. An added bonus is that kids can keep themselves occupied by listening to the stories, so they’re great for busy moms!”


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Baby Signing: Does Baby Signing Stop Crying?

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Shared By: Mama Pea Pod from Hungary and her eponymous Mama Pea Pod blog.

Secret Tip: Using sign language to talk to your baby is a way to rapidly advance her communication skills and can reduce some of her frustrations. Baby Signs: How To Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk is a leading book in the field.

Find It Here: $11.53 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: Babies try to tell us a lot of things through their emotions before they speak, but crying tends to be their main and only way to do so. Teaching a few simplified sign language words to your baby speeds up parent and child communication and can alleviate your child’s crying and frustration. What’s more, it helps your baby start the communication learning process and some studies have shown it speeds up speaking communication development when they are ready.

What Mama Pea Pod Has To Say: “I have been using sign language with both my girls, and I LOVE IT! I started signing a couple of basic signs (e.g., ‘milk’, ‘all done’, ‘more’) with Princess Pea when she was just a few months old. She started signing back at around 7 or 8 months. She began speaking understandable words at around 9 months. By 11 months she had a signing vocabulary of 26 words, and a spoken vocabulary of 14 words plus another 4 animal sounds that she used as words to name the animals. I truly believe that it reduces frustration by giving babies a way to communicate their needs more accurately than crying, and I really do see less crying as a result. There are lots of baby signing classes out there, but I don’t really think they’re necessary. When I started, I lived in an area where there were no classes, so I bought that book and taught myself. It was easy. And you don’t even need to follow a particular set of signs, you can just as well make up your own versions that make sense to you and your baby. There is also quite a useful online video dictionary at that I refer to often.”


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Baby Bargains Book: Like Zagat’s for Baby Gear

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Shared By: Meghan C. from Chicago, IL.

Secret Tip: Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields is a parent-reviewed field test of the best stuff for raising kids.

Find It Here: $11.16 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: Meghan tells us this book has been incredibly useful in considering what to register for as a first-time expectant mom. It seems it might be useful for the more seasoned parent as well. Baby Bargains is already something of a classic, with over 800,000 copies in print, featuring parent-supplied reviews of products, charts that compare brands and models and how to save. Be sure to check the website run by the authors for bonus material and updated information. Bonus: Oprah gave it the stamp of approval on her show.

What Meghan Has To Say: “It goes through all types of baby gear – carseats, strollers, slings, cribs, etc. – and tells you which are the best options overall in terms of quality, reviews and price. It’s kind of like a Zagat’s for baby gear – relying heavily on reviews sent in by parents. I had never heard of this book before I was pregnant, so maybe it could be worth sending it out as a tip for the newly-pregnant on your list…”


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