Outlet Plugs: Simple Outlet Plugs, Hard To Pull Out

Posted July 18th, 2011 in Electrical Safety, Home and Garden by admin

Outlet Plugs

Shared By: Ryan B. from San Francisco, CA.

Secret Tip: Simple, oldschool flat electrical outlet plugs are loved by safety-proofing moms because their babies can’t take them out.

Find It Here: $3.99 for a package of 36 from Amazon.

Why You’ll Love It: Sometimes the simplest things work best, don’t they? Despite a rash of newfangled electric outlet plugs that are both costly and less effective, these plain translucent ones seem to work best. Ryan tells us when she had her baby she received two packages of plugs at her baby shower — one fancy set from her friend and a cheap-o set from her mom. Which one do you think worked better?

What Ryan Has To Say: “This is a great, cheap and effective tip for moms. These outlet plugs simply work the best, and you get a ton of them in the package so you can cover the entire house. My husband complains that they are hard to pull out once they are in — that is exactly the point!”


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