Carter’s Keep Me Dry Crib Mattress Pad: Waterproof, Quilted Crib Pad

Posted September 15th, 2011 in Home and Garden, Nursery Bedding by admin

Carter's Keep Me Dry Crib Mattress Pad

Shared By: Sarah G. from Los Angeles, CA.

Secret TipCarter’s Keep Me Dry Crib Pad is a waterproof mattress pad for the little one.

Find It Here: $12.99 from Amazon.

Why You’ll Love It: This waterproof crib pad means accidents in the crib are a trouble-free incident, not a mattress-ending situation. The exterior is polyester and the filling is vinyl. Because it’s quilted, it’s still soft — and, most importantly, it’s quiet. It can be washed and dried, too.

What Sarah Has To Say: “We needed a crib pad and this one has served us well. It holds up pretty well from washing, although I keep it on a gentle setting. If you dry it on high heat the elastic that holds it down may start to give out, so watch out for that.”


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(Photo adapted and used under Creative Commons license from New York Public Library)

Plantronics Cordless Headset Phone: Look Like A Nerd, Talk Like A Boss

Posted August 12th, 2011 in Electronics, Home and Garden by admin

Plantronics Cordless Headset Phone (CT14)

Shared By: Becky C. from Nashville, TN.

Secret Tip: If you’ve made the jump to getting an actual landline as a mom, a hands-free setup is key.

Find It Here: $89.12 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: Let’s get this out of the way: there are some things done in the service of motherhood that don’t look very cool. This is one of those things. Becky opted for an actual landline once she had kids, but needed a way to manage the responsibilities of keeping track of her daughter and son. This headset has a 300-foot range, comes with caller ID and has a keypad. Try it, we won’t laugh.

What Becky Has To Say: “My husband and I used to only have our cell phones but when I got pregnant we decided to get a landline for emergencies. Once our daughter was born our kitchen phone got a lot of use but it limited where I could walk. I bought this headset when we later had our son and I must admit it’s one of the key things that gets me through the day. When new babies come into your life you need all the free hands you can get. I can talk, feed my son and keep my daughter close without worrying about a cord. The landline reception works, too, as opposed to my iPhone. One tip: never be photographed wearing this thing.”


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(Photo adapted and used under Creative Commons license from LSE Library)

Wall Decals by The Land of Nod: Instant, Blissed-Out Wall Upgrades

Posted August 9th, 2011 in Home and Garden, Nursery Decor by admin

Wall Decals by The Land of Nod

Shared By: Becky C. from Chicago, IL.

Secret Tip: The Land of Nod’s wall decals are big, durable, inexpensive and can instantly upgrade a baby’s room, or your own. The calming tree and vine patterns will minimize crying (not really, but it does seem like it should).

Find It Here: $45.00 for Hanging Vines, $50.00 for Birds, $54.00 for Branching Trees, $65.00 for Anise

Why You’ll Love It: Wall decals are an inexpensive way to really customize your baby’s nursery. Becky loves The Land of Nod ones because they are big, relatively inexpensive and they stay up on the walls even through a hot Chicago summer. There are all types of nature prints to choose from, plus some more boy- and girl-themed options on their site.

What Becky Has To Say: “My sister and I are obsessed with these. When my husband and I started decorating our baby’s nursery we had a big blank wall that we planned to fill with photos, but we could never decide which ones to print and put up. Eventually my sister bought me these tree decals and they are such a nice way to lighten up the room. They stick really well to the wall, but you can take them down easily, too.”


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Honeywell Compact Air Purifier with HEPA filter: Remove Dust From Little Noses For Better Sleep

Posted August 8th, 2011 in Air Purifier, Home and Garden by admin

Honeywell Compact Air Purifier with HEPA filter

Shared By: Christie B. from Tampa, FL.

Secret Tip: Remove as much dust-collecting stuff from your baby’s room, it will help her sleep.

Find It HereClear your baby’s room from excess fluffiness. Take it a step further and purchase a quiet air purifier with a HEPA filter, such as this one from Amazon for $41.88.

Why You’ll Love ItBig fluffy blankets, soft toys and down pillows and comforters look great in magazine spreads of nurseries, but they can prove to be impractical. Babies sleep best when they have clear, moist nasal passages, free of debris, before they learn to breathe through both their mouth and nose. A lot of the fluffiest stuff can attract dust and give off small feathers and fluff that can make breathing more forced. In many cases this shortens comfortable breathing times.

What Christie Has To Say: “My anal-retentive mother is obsessed with dust, HEPA filters and all that. When we had our first baby I told my mom that she seemed stuffed up. We did a full sweep of the nursery and removed the non-essential stuff, particularly a big down comforter that I used to keep warm while I sat in the room with her. In a few days I noticed her nose was a lot more ‘open’ and she seemed to sleep longer. I am convinced dust is the enemy to a good baby sleep!” 


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(Photo adapted and used under Creative Commons license from fam_dax)

Outlet Plugs: Simple Outlet Plugs, Hard To Pull Out

Posted July 18th, 2011 in Electrical Safety, Home and Garden by admin

Outlet Plugs

Shared By: Ryan B. from San Francisco, CA.

Secret Tip: Simple, oldschool flat electrical outlet plugs are loved by safety-proofing moms because their babies can’t take them out.

Find It Here: $3.99 for a package of 36 from Amazon.

Why You’ll Love It: Sometimes the simplest things work best, don’t they? Despite a rash of newfangled electric outlet plugs that are both costly and less effective, these plain translucent ones seem to work best. Ryan tells us when she had her baby she received two packages of plugs at her baby shower — one fancy set from her friend and a cheap-o set from her mom. Which one do you think worked better?

What Ryan Has To Say: “This is a great, cheap and effective tip for moms. These outlet plugs simply work the best, and you get a ton of them in the package so you can cover the entire house. My husband complains that they are hard to pull out once they are in — that is exactly the point!”


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Magic Bullet: A Magic Bullet For Baby Foods

Posted June 20th, 2011 in Home and Garden, Kitchen by admin

Magic Bullet

Shared By: Jill R. from Westerly, RI

Secret Tip: Don’t laugh at this infomercial product, The Magic Bullet is actually a secret must-have for moms who are making solid foods edible for their young ones. It takes up no more space than a coffee mug on your counter-top, too.

Find It Here: $43.99 from Amazon for the Magic Bullet Express 17-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixing System

Why You’ll Love It: Your baby’s transition to solid foods is a big step, but it need not be entirely store-bought. When you make it yourself, you get the benefit of knowing exactly where the ingredients come from, you know it is fresh, you can cater the meals to your child’s needs/likings, and…icing on the cake: you can save some bucks. Jill shares with us the Magic Bullet (yes, as seen on tv!) as her way of cheffing up super fast, super easy, and cost-effective meals for her little one. Tip: you can find some delicious homemade baby food recipes online for your babe, depending on their age, check out these Avocado recipes.

What Jill Has To Say: “I knew that when my son was ready for solids, I’d make his food, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. A veteran mom of four kids recommended the Magic Bullet, but I was hesitant – as in the Magic Bullet from infomercials? No thanks. But after trying to puree food in my blender (too large to make small amounts for baby, time-consuming to clean) and my food processor, I decided to give it a try and I instantly fell in love. The Magic Bullet is so easy, you just put the food (fruits, vegetables, even table food mixed with water) in either the large or small mixing cup, stick it on the base and puree for 10 seconds to one minute. The food comes out nice and smooth and ready for baby. To clean, just fill the cup with soapy water and shake it up. It could not be easier. You don’t even need to order the Magic Bullet from TV – it’s available for less money at stores like Target and Walmart. And the best part – when baby has moved on from pureed foods, you can toss in some tequila and make a margarita to celebrate!”


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Inchbug: Can a Little Sticker Eliminate Mistakes?

Posted June 16th, 2011 in Home and Garden, Labels and Stickers by admin


Shared By: Kristin S. from Royal Oak, MI

Secret Tip: InchBug makes wrap-around “orbit” labels and stickers for error-free identification of your child’s stuff.

Find It Here: $12.95 for 4 orbit labels, $11.95 for 16 custom photo adhesive labels or 20 custom rectangle labels, $10.95 for 20 custom circle, $11.95 for 20 personalized allergy labels.

Why You’ll Love It: InchBug “covers” your baby’s stuff for easy identification and eliminates mix-ups, especially in a busy environment like a daycare center. They have special allergy alert labels, “orbit” labels that wrap around sippie cups and date stickers. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe..

What Kristin Has To Say: “For moms who take their babies to daycare, this is a must have. Typically daycare requires you label all bottles every day with your child’s name, today’s date, contents and when it was prepared. InchBug gives you all the tools to do so quickly and cleanly. You can order custom labels for bottles and date stickers so there are no mix ups.”


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Oxi Clean Laundry: How A Daycare Owner Gets Out Stains

Posted June 10th, 2011 in Cleaning Products, Home and Garden by admin

Shared By: Kelly from Brooklyn Park, MN and the lovely Three kids, A Mini-Van & A Lot of Love! blog.

Secret Tip: Oxi Clean Laundry spray is a swiss-army knife stain remover, getting out major “events” in the course of keeping a daycare clean and removing any other assorted messes that get in its way.

Find It Here: $8.90 on Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: When it comes to stain removal, we’re going to count a daycare as probably the worst and best testing ground out there. Kelly tells us about her weapon of choice in keeping hers clean, Oxi Clean Laundry. It’s noted for its effectiveness on grease stains, grass, and dirt and is color-safe and chlorine-free. Have a white couch? One reviewer says they soak a rag in Oxy Clean Laundry powder plus hot water and…poof! The stain is gone after a few dabs.

What Kelly Has To Say: “I have 3 kids and I own my own daycare, of 11 kids. I have been through my fair share of ‘blow outs,’ grass stains, puke, pen, pencil and marker stains, and grease. Ever since I found Oxi Clean Laundry, I have saved 95% of my kids clothes, blankets and jackets. Kids are notorious for getting things dirty, and the last thing I want to do is spend hours scrubbing things to get stains out. I haven’t found anything yet that Oxi clean can’t get out. If my kids have ‘puke’ or encounter a ‘blow out,’ I just spray the area of clothing with Oxi Clean Laundry and toss it in the laundry room, until I do laundry. This product is great no matter what age children you have, even for adult messes.”


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(Photo adapted and used under Creative Commons license from jencu)

Twilight Ladybug Constellation Nightlight by Cloud b: Starry Nightlight on the Ceiling

Posted June 2nd, 2011 in Home and Garden, Nightlight by admin

Shared By: Shelby M. from Big Pine, CA. and the awesome The Snail Mom Chronicles blog.

Secret Tip: Transform a room into a starry sky with Twilight Ladybug Constellation Nightlight by Cloud b.

Find It Here: $26.95 from Amazon and check out the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Sea Turtle for $25.75

Why You’ll Love It: The Twilight Ladybug Constellation Nightlight transforms a bedroom ceiling and walls into a stargazing delight with a full night sky projection. The soothing projection comes in three different colors: Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, and Ruby Red. The Twilight Ladybug requires three AAA batteries, but with auto shut-off after 45 minutes, they should go a long way. This is not meant to be used as a toy for play, but many reviewers say it works well at soothing and getting their baby comfortable in their own room.

What Shelby Has To Say: “This was a product gifted to my son three different times. Our son uses it to fall asleep every night — he loves staring up at the stars. The best thing about it is that it is small enough to tuck into luggage so we can make hotel rooms or a visit to Grandma’s feel like home.”


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Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer: How to take your baby’s temperature without the fuss

Posted May 18th, 2011 in Health Monitors, Home and Garden by admin

Shared By: Jessica C. from Milford, MI

Secret Tip: Get an accurate temperature reading with the Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer, all without poking or prodding your baby.

Find It Here: $32.60 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: Avoid the kicking and screaming when your child is sick and you need to get an accurate temperature reading. You could use it on a sleeping child, too. According to a recent survey of pediatricians: “Measuring the temperatures of patients at the temporal artery was ranked #1 in overall preference by more pediatricians than any other thermometry method.” Tip: Run the thermometer (with button depressed) from the center of the forehead in a straight line across your child’s forehead to the edge of their hairline without lifting. Some customer reviewers say they take the highest of 3 readings as it should be the most accurate. You can even get a tutorial from the Exergen Virtual Classroom.

What Jessica Has To Say: “I tried a lot of thermometers with my baby and recommend this form of temperature taking over any other for young children. Some studies show this gives a reading equivalent to a rectal reading, which is extremely hard to do on a child at home.”


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(Photo adapted and used under Creative Commons license from D. Sharon Pruitt)