Baby Aspen “Let the Fin Begin” Terry Shark Robe: This Robe Totally Bites

Posted November 16th, 2011 in Accesories, Baby and Toddler Products by admin

Baby Aspen "Let The Fin Begin" Terry Shark Robe

Shared By: Alison R. from Chicago, IL.

Secret TipThis shark robe is the scariest / cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Find It Here: $21.25 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It:  A cozy cover-up after a warm bath, the Baby Aspen “Let the Fin Begin” robe has us humming…dun dun, dun dun, dun dun. It’s baby blue with white cuffs (and teeth). Machine washable and sized for ages 0-6 months.

What Alison Has To Say “My husband and I are obsessed with Halloween, so it is no surprise we would subject our son to a robe that is basically a daily Halloween costume. He loves it.”

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Bella Bundles: Snap-able, Soft, Portable Blankets

Posted November 8th, 2011 in Accesories, Baby and Toddler Products by admin

Bella Bundles

Shared ByAlicia L. from Boston, MA and the fabulous momtidbits.

Secret TipBella Bundles makes comfy, functional bibs, towels, and blankets.

Find It Here: $48 from Bella Bundles for the Blanket on the Go

Why You’ll Love It: Disappointed by the selection of bibs, towels, and blankets available for her young baby, Julie Feldman was on a mission to create cozy, stylish, and practical pieces. Her bib design is long, reversible, and has a terrycloth bottom. The towels are organic terry-cloth and incorporate a snap closure and hood to keep little ones bundled up and cozy, and her ‘blankets on the go’ can snap onto strollers, and carriers (there’s also the option to secure it in place as a nursing cover). After good use you can throw all of these items in the wash on a cold cycle.

What Alicia Has To Say: “Bella Bundles Blankets on the Go are perfect for your little bundle in cool weather. The fabrics come in a host of options including gender-neutral grey and navy. Its fleece lining is definitely warm but significantly more lightweight than others on the market. The smart design allows the blanket to attach to a stroller, carseat carrier or baby carrier (such as the Bjorn or Ergo) and by simply adjusting the straps these blankets can turn into a nursing cover. I love multipurpose baby items! As such, this is a fabulous baby gift that a new mom will use for years to come.”


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Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad: Anti-Roll-Off

Posted September 15th, 2011 in Baby and Toddler Products, Diapers and Accessories by admin

Contoured Changing Pad

Shared By: Nina B. from New York, NY.

Secret Tip: The Summer Infant contoured changing pad is thick and supportive along the sides to help prevent a baby from rolling off.

Find It Here: $15.54 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: This changing pad comes with thick, arced sides like a skateboarding ramp, so your baby stays in the middle where he belongs. The PEVA vinyl material is waterproof, but if you want to use a changing pad cover it accepts the standard sizes. There is a strap to attach it to furniture, plus a safety belt that securely fastens your baby to the changing pad. Look mom, no hands! As safe as this pad is, just remember to never leave your baby unattended.

What Nina Has To Say: “A changing pad is a changing pad, until you are doing some changing on a weird table and your baby starts to roll off. After an incident a few months ago we bought this contoured pad which keeps our little guy planted.”


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UPPAbaby Vista Stroller: Stroller Wars: Is UPPAbaby The Champ?

Posted August 30th, 2011 in Baby and Toddler Products, Strollers by admin

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Shared By: Tara L-K. from Toronto, Ontario.

Secret TipThe UPPAbaby Vista is one smart stroller and is backed by a company that is tops in customer service.

Find It Here$678.97 from Amazon.

Why You’ll Love It: The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is the swiss-army knife of strollers, putting up a fight against the other high-end titans of the sidewalk. Your baby can face forward or back, the bassinet is big but handy, it comes with sun and bug shades included, has foam-filled rubber tires to prevent flats and the storage basket is enormous. Tara details the rest below. If you and your baby are heavy users when it comes to a stroller this one seems to be fit for the challenge.

What Tara Has To Say: “We researched and tested several strollers (Brands such as Orbit, Bugaboo, Graco and Peg Perego) before our son was born. There are more expensive and less expensive strollers available. However, we settled on the UPPAbaby Vista and after 15 months of serious strolling we couldn’t be happier. The features on Vista are tough to beat. From the bassinet lined with organic cotton to the reversible toddler seat, our son has traveled in the lap of luxury. UPPAbaby includes two bug shields (one for the bassinet and one for the toddler seat) and a rain/wind shield for the toddler seat, each also comes equipped with a sun shade. The basket below the seat is enormous, I can fit the diaper bag and two full bags of groceries and still have room to spare. The optional accessories are the best on the market in my opinion. We have purchased the snack tray and plan on adding the rumble seat and or the stand board if we have a second baby. You can also purchase car seat adaptors (for almost any car seat brand) to easily transfer baby from the car to the stroller. We have taken our son on a dozen trips, across North America and the Vista has proven its durability in sand, snow, rain and sun. Lastly, I have had to replace the canopy and the rain shield due to normal wear and tear. The customer service at UPPAbaby was literally the best service I’ve ever had with a retailer. New parts were sent free of charge and received within 5 days. This is an incredible company and I highly recommend this stroller.”


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Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake Frame: Those Feet Aren’t Small Forever

Posted August 30th, 2011 in Baby and Toddler Products, Keepsakes by admin

Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake Frame

Shared By: Abby T. from Houston, TX.

Secret Tip: The Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake Wall Frame is a great way to capture and display those tiny feet.

Find It Here: $29.27 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: Keepsake frames can run the gamut — from boring to gaudy — but this one is pretty simple and clean (comes in black, mahogany or natural wood frame, too). There’s room for one tiny footprint inside the shadowbox and a 5×7 photo opposite. There’s no funky mixture or heating necessary for the foot mold; it’s a non-messy, non-toxic air-dry impression material. Included are two backgrounds, pink and blue.

What Abby Has To Say: “I received this as a baby shower gift and it sat in our closet for a while. When we finally uncovered it on a whim we did it in an afternoon. It’s turned out to be one of those things that we love the most and it looks great hanging in our baby’s nursery.”


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DwellStudio: Rachel Zoe’s Favorite Hooded Towel

Posted August 14th, 2011 in Accesories, Baby and Toddler Products by admin

Hooded Baby Towel

Secret Tip: Hooded Towels by DwellStudio Baby, are a cute and snuggly way to dry off and stay warm

Find It Here: $42.95 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It In the Ask Rachel: Baby On Board edition of The Rachel Zoe Report, the celeb stylist shares her favorite nursery necessities. This baby towel with hood, made especially by the hipster design group from DwellStudio (makers of Dwell Magazine), gets the official Rachel Zoe stylish stamp of approval. The front is a cute printed cotton (three styles and colors to choose) and the inside is a soft terrycloth. Machine washable. By the way, since Rachel Zoe is so small is she also using these for herself?


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Baby Fortune Cookie Slippers: For Good Luck

Posted August 8th, 2011 in Baby and Toddler Products by admin

Baby Fortune Cookie Slippers

Shared By: Dina T. from Dearborn, MI.

Secret Tip: These Baby Fortune Cookie Slippers might be the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

Find It Here: $28.00 from Uncommon Goods

Why You’ll Love It: These baby slippers are perfect for your little munchkin or a show-stopper as a baby shower gift. They are made from soft fleece and have grippy soles; the slippers curl up into cookie shapes when not in use. The fortunes read, appropriately: “From small beginnings come great things” on one bootie and “An amazing adventure awaits you” on the other. Extra cute: they come in a Chinese takeout box.

What Dina Has To Say: “I bought these for my friend for her baby shower and I must admit they were the hit of the party. Everybody was taking pictures of them. I thought they were perfect for my friend because she was always saying how she loves babies’ feet — like she ‘could just eat them they are so cute.’ When I saw these I knew I had to have them for her.”


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Kiddopotamus Snuzzler: Anit-Slump Snuzzler

Posted August 1st, 2011 in Accesories, Baby and Toddler Products by admin

Kiddopotamus Snuzzler

Shared By: Dana R. from Memphis, TN.

Secret Tip: The Kiddopotamus Snuzzler supports a baby’s head and neck while in a car seat to prevent slumping over.

Find It Here: $14.99 from Amazon.

Why You’ll Love ItThe Snuzzler is made to keep baby from slumping while sitting in a seat. The material supports from the sides (not the back), making it compliant with government recommendations for car seats, where nothing is supposed to be between the child’s back and the seat. It’s soft (comes in terry cloth or fleece material), adjustable (velcro tabs), and machine washable. Fits most car seats, but not all, so check dimensions before you hit the purchase button.

What Dana Has To Say“Our daughter’s head slumped over a lot in the early days and when we had her moving around in the car seat we’d worry about her little noggin. This kept her head secure and fit into our car seat.”


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Maclaren Techno XT Stroller: A Celeb Fave

Posted July 25th, 2011 in Baby and Toddler Products, Strollers by admin

Maclaren Techno XT

Spotted: Naomi Watts and son.

Secret Tip: The Maclaren Techno XT baby stroller is lightweight, but strong.

Find It Here: $315.00 for Black on Black frame from Amazon or shop Maclaren’s entire collection of strollers and enjoy free shipping from them on all of their products now through Labor Day.

Why You’ll Love It:  It’s known that celebs love Maclaren strollers, but the XT is the flagship. The reason why the XT became so loved is because it is undeniably functional and easy to travel with. The stroller allows for one-handed folding, comes in at a light 14 lbs and has a massive sunshade. Note, it’s not the ultimate carry-all stroller (other, heavier strollers are better if you’re going to hang bags around the sides), it’s just made to be easy to stroll with your baby.


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(Photo from Maclaren’s facebook page)

WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer: Why is Your Baby Crying?

Posted July 25th, 2011 in Baby and Toddler Products, Grooming and Health Monitors by admin

WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer

Shared By: Francis D. from New York, NY

Secret Tip: The Why Cry Baby Analyzer tells you why your baby is crying by analyzing 20-second snippets of wails. Seriously.

Find It Here: $24.99 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: We are really living in the future now. This cry analyzer listens for crying power, frequencies and tries to match established crying patterns to determine what triggered the tears in your baby. It will tell you if she’s stressed, sleepy, annoyed, bored or hungry. Make sure it’s within 6 feet of your baby so it can accurately pick up noises.

What Francis Has To Say: “This sounds like it would be a complete waste of money, but when I had my baby I used it a lot. It helped me start to learn why Alison was crying and eventually I could make those judgments myself. I like it too because it displays the temperature and humidity in the room, something that is important to know when you leave your baby alone for a nap and you’re unsure of the temps.”


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