Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer: Save Yourself and Baby Some Pain

Posted February 7th, 2012 in Nail Care, Personal Care and Health by admin

Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer

Shared By: Meghan C. from Chicago, IL

Secret TipThe Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer is a safe, easy way to trim baby nails.

Find It HereFrom Amazon for $26.95

Why You’ll Love It: The grow-with-me Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer is perfect for evening out and trimming down baby nails from 0-2 years. It comes with a convenient case for storage and traveling, but most importantly it won’t aggravate that delicate baby skin. Plus, you can protect yourself from the paranoia that you may accidentally injure your baby while trimming their nails. It comes with four interchangeable file pads to accommodate baby nail thickness. So have your baby sit back, relax (maybe while they’re really sleepy?) and file away.

What Meghan Has To Say: “After going through the horrible experience of cutting my newborn daughter’s finger while trimming her nails, I bought the Buzz B nail file in hopes that I could avoid having to clip her nails again. This is a battery-powered rotating file that sands down baby nails without any risk of hurting their little fingers. The only downside is that it takes awhile to get the nails short enough, so you need to use it when your baby is somewhere where they are happy sitting still for a while.”

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