The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness: A Fun Book on Healthy Living

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The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness

Shared By: Jen B. from Bridgewater, MA

Secret Tip: Written and illustrated by mom Maryellen Murphy Ruggiero, this expert in wellness and healing arts created a story called The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness that teaches children tips for healthy living.

Find It Here: $9.95 from Amazon

Why You’ll Love It: If you’re reading Daily Peppermint, most likely your baby is just now getting an introduction to solid foods or may still be on a straight milk diet, but healthy living can never start too early. The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness is intended for educating preschoolers aged 3-7 on the essentials of health and wellness. Reviewers say the pictures are bright and fun, while the message is clear and easy to understand. Consider adding this book on living a healthy lifestyle to your child’s very own personal library.

What Jen Has To Say: “It is a tender story of a mother teaching her child the many ways to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. The simple text and humorous pictures will entertain while educating children ages 3-7 on the essentials of health and wellness. My children love this book!”

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