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Hi, I’m Andrea. I grew up in Michigan but now live in San Francisco with my husband, Reilly.

That’s me above and you might notice that I’m not (yet) a mom — I look much too calm and at peace! Well, that’s the whole point of how Daily Peppermint came to be: after listening to my girlfriends and coworkers who were expecting or raising young children, I realized that they each had little tips that they used to make their lives easier. Each one of them had two or three of these little things that dramatically helped the way they lived, raised their children and became a better mom.

I started taking notes. I decided that when the time comes for Reilly and I to have a baby it would be awesome if we had an arsenal of “secret tips” from parents that have already been there. This was going to be my little secret.

And, then, something funny happened.

I was telling a friend of mine about what I had been collecting and she said she wanted to take a look. As I started to collect more tips I thought: wouldn’t this be useful for all moms, not just me?

Thus, Daily Peppermint.

Moms have always had secret tips that they share amongst friends. Daily Peppermint takes one short but useful tip and puts it in your inbox, every few days of the week.

I hope you join (it’s free) and I hope you get as much out of Daily Peppermint as I do.

Thank you,


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