Snuggle Me’z: Amy Adams Spotted With This Car Seat Cover

Posted September 15th, 2011 in Car Seat Cover, Celebrity by admin

Snuggle Me'z

Spotted: Amy Adams and her baby girl Aviana

Secret Tip: Tote your tot around in celeb style with the uber chic and cozy car seat cover by Snuggle Me’z.

Find It Here: Around $98 from Snuggle Me’z directly, or find a list of Snuggle Me’z retail stores and online retailers on their website.

Why You’ll Love It: It’s almost a standard paparazzi shot: new celeb mom carrying newborn in their car seat all covered up. The cover is usually a chic design, and somehow that car seat is looking pretty cool. The Snuggle Me’z are 100% cotton fabric outside with a snuggly fabric inside, they are reversible, can be switched to either side, and are machine washable. They have a universal fit so they will work with any car seat, plus you have the option to channel your inner-celeb by going with the covered Snuggle Me’z or be your regular fab self and go with the uncovered one. You can check out their online catalog of designs here. The chee chee print seems to be a celeb favorite.


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(Photo adapted from Snuggle Me’z website)

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