Upspring Baby Milkscreen Home Test: Boobie Breathalyzer

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Shared By: Kelly F. from Santa Monica, CA.

Secret Tip: Created by two moms, the Upspring Baby Milkscreen Home Test analyzes breast milk for alcohol.

Find It Here: $24.99 for 20 test strips from Target

Why You’ll Love It: In under 2 minutes, these test strips will detect if there’s any alcohol you may pass along to your baby through breast milk. Because, after 9 months of pregnancy, it’s natural for some moms to want to be able to indulge a little bit now and then. Just saturate these pads with breast milk and if any color shows up on them, your breast milk contains alcohol and should not be passed along to baby. To learn more about Milkscreen click here.

What Kelly Has To Say: “I hate to admit this but I saw these for the first time when I watched Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. After a long night of ‘partying’ Kourtney used them as a way to protect her new baby from getting any of the alcohol that she had consumed the previous night: who can forget when she threw the tainted breast milk on her sister Khloe? I now use these after occasional drinking since finding them at Target. When I have a glass of wine I want to know my baby does not.”


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