The Guesstation Belly Growth Chart: Write-On Belly Growth Chart

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Guesstation Belly Growth Chart

Shared By: Debbie F. from Des Moines, IA

Secret Tip: The Guesstation Belly Growth Chart is a fun way to keep track of your ever-expanding pregnant belly.

Find It Here: Egg2Cake-Guesstation: Are We There Yet? Belly Growth Chart

Why You’ll Love It: Hang this on the wall and chart your pregnancy, horizontally! Just like you would mark your child’s height up the wall, this allows you to record the curvature of your belly. Bonus: flip it over once baby is born and use it as a measuring tool for the little one.

What Debbie Has To Say: “I got this as a gift on my second pregnancy from my sister-in-law and didn’t think much of it (sorry, Michelle!). But it was really a fun way to keep track of my progress because it allowed my four-year-old son to feel like he was involved. It folds up so after our second child was born we kept it in a box of keepsakes for her. It’s really nice.”

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