Oxi Clean Laundry: How A Daycare Owner Gets Out Stains

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Shared By: Kelly from Brooklyn Park, MN and the lovely Three kids, A Mini-Van & A Lot of Love! blog.

Secret Tip: Oxi Clean Laundry spray is a swiss-army knife stain remover, getting out major “events” in the course of keeping a daycare clean and removing any other assorted messes that get in its way.

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Why You’ll Love It: When it comes to stain removal, we’re going to count a daycare as probably the worst and best testing ground out there. Kelly tells us about her weapon of choice in keeping hers clean, Oxi Clean Laundry. It’s noted for its effectiveness on grease stains, grass, and dirt and is color-safe and chlorine-free. Have a white couch? One reviewer says they soak a rag in Oxy Clean Laundry powder plus hot water and…poof! The stain is gone after a few dabs.

What Kelly Has To Say: “I have 3 kids and I own my own daycare, of 11 kids. I have been through my fair share of ‘blow outs,’ grass stains, puke, pen, pencil and marker stains, and grease. Ever since I found Oxi Clean Laundry, I have saved 95% of my kids clothes, blankets and jackets. Kids are notorious for getting things dirty, and the last thing I want to do is spend hours scrubbing things to get stains out. I haven’t found anything yet that Oxi clean can’t get out. If my kids have ‘puke’ or encounter a ‘blow out,’ I just spray the area of clothing with Oxi Clean Laundry and toss it in the laundry room, until I do laundry. This product is great no matter what age children you have, even for adult messes.”


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