Wet Washcloth For Teething: Cold Washcloth For My Teeth, Please

Posted May 21st, 2011 in Personal Care and Health, Teething by admin

Shared By: Becky U. from Rochester Hills, MI

Secret Tip: A wet washcloth with some time in the freezer may be something soothing for your baby to chew on while they transition from that gummy grin to a tooth-happy smile.

Find It Here: Your linen closet or $4.99 for ABC Washcloth Set (3 per pack) from Diapers.com.

Why You’ll Love It: Cutting teeth isn’t a milestone your baby achieves overnight, although that would be nice. Your baby will likely sprout their first tooth between months 4-7 and with it may come some sleepless nights. Becky shares with us a cold compress in the form of a wet washcloth (with some time in the freezer) may help minimize some of the discomfort. Plus, you already have it in your home. Make sure the washcloth is not unraveling as that may become a choking hazard for babies. Tip: use this “how to” instructional cheat sheet for producing a safe and effective wet washcloth for your baby to chomp on.

What Becky Has To Say: “Teething can be very hard, but one thing I found that works and my little girl loves is putting a wet wash cloth in freezer; she loves the cold cloth to teeth on!”


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(Photo adapted and used under Creative Commons license from Rosemary McKevitt)

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