ERGObaby Carrier: The baby carrier celebs love

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Shared By: Christi S. from Fort Collins, CO. and the funny and revealing My Tempered Tantrum blog.

Secret Tip: ERGObaby Carrier is designed to support a natural sitting position for babies and ease back strain on you. It’s a big favorite of celebrity moms, too.

Find It Here: $115 from Amazon (various colors and materials)

Why You’ll Love It: The ERGObaby Carrier is designed for babies 4 months and older (you will need the ERGObaby infant insert if your baby is under 4 months to safely support their head). Christi shares with us the ERGObaby Carrier places much of her baby’s weight on her hips, taking the stress off of her shoulders (straps have 1 inch, high density foam in them) and back. You can wear the carrier in 3 different positions: front, hip or back (with baby always facing inward). Some reviewers have said that they can carry their baby longer in the ERGO as opposed to the umlauted icon of baby products: Baby Bjorn. Check out which celebs have been snapped carrying their tots in the ERGObaby Carrier.

What Christi Has To Say: “This is my favorite baby product! My children were born 10 years apart and I remember the back pain I experienced from toting around my oldest in a carrier. We like to go for walks around the neighborhood with my baby in the Ergo and I always use it when I’m grocery shopping. As she gets older, I will also be able to use it to carry her on my hip or on my back. Their website has tutorial videos for how to use the carrier, which I found quite useful.”

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